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Are Colleges and Schools Closed Today in Telangana?

Wondering, are colleges and schools closed today in Telangana? Per the latest reports, a state-wide band has been declared by ABVP. Catch up with the latest happening and learn whether the schools and colleges will be closed today or not.
Bandh Declared by ABVP
In a recent statement, ABVP declared the state-wise closure of colleges and schools across Telangana as a part of their protest.
Is Holiday Declared in Telangana Colleges?
With the recent Bandh announced by ABVP in schools, till now no notification has been released concerning the closure of colleges.
Will Schools Remain Close?
According to the latest updates, as a result of widespread protests in Telangana by ABVP, schools will remain closed on June 26.
Reasons for ABVP Bandh
ABVP has been dissatisfied with the govt’s negligence in providing basic amenities to school students. They demand the introduction of fee control law in private schools.
Online Classes in Telangana Schools
To not hamper the studies of students, some Telangana schools plan to conduct alien classes for students of classes 5 and 10.