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Best Colleges for 3 Lakh Rank in JEE Mains 2024

Discover top colleges for a 3 Lakh rank in JEE Mains! Explore viable options and insights on programs and Avg. Course Fees for aspiring engineers. Start your journey towards academic excellence today!
NIT Agartala
  • Location: Agartala, Tripura
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,50,550 (1st year)
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, CE, Product Engineering
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  • Location: Haroli
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, EE, Product Engineering, CE
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,50,550 (1st year)
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  • Location: Ponda
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, ME, CE, EEE
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,43,200 (1st year)
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NIT Hamirpur
  • Location: Hamirpur
  • Top Programs: BTech Mathematics & Computing, CSE, EE
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,80,200 (1st year)
NIT Puducherry
  • Location: Poducherry
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, ECE, CE, ME
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,40,350 (1st year)
IIIT Guwahati
  • Location: Thiruvettakudy
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, ECE
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 2,55,000 (1st year)
Techno India University
  • Location: Bighannagar
  • Top Programs: BTech CSE, AI & Machine Learning, Biotechnology
  • Avg. Course Fees: INR 1,58,000 (1st year)
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