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BSc in Biotechnology Salary Package

Wondering about BSc in Biotechnology Salary Package? Unlock insights into earning potential and career growth opportunities in this dynamic field. Explore rewarding prospects with a BSc in Biotechnology!
BSc in Biotechnology- Course Overview
BSc in Biotechnology is a 3-year UG course that focuses on the study and manipulation of living organisms for various applications.
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BSc in Biotechnology Average Salary
The average monthly salary of a BSc in Biotechnology graduates (freshers) ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 monthly.
Job-Wise Salary of BSc Biotechnology
  • Research Assistant: INR 2.5- 3.5 LPA
  • Quality Control Analyst: INR 3-4 LPA
  • Biomedical Engineer: INR 3-4.5 LPA
  • Sales: INR 3.5-4.5 LPA
  • Lab Technician: INR 2-4 LPA
BSc Biotechnology Job-wise Salary
  • Biotechnologist: INR 3-5 LPA
  • Geneticist: INR 3-5 LPA
  • Biochemist: INR 2.5-4 LPA
  • Food Safety Officer: INR 4-5 LPA
  • Epidemiologist: INR 3.5-4.5 LPA
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BSc Biotechnology Private Sector Salary
  • Clinical Research Associate: INR 2.5-4 LPA
  • Lab Technician: INR 1.5-3 LPA
  • Sales Executive: INR 2.5-4 LPA
  • Biotech Engineer: INR 3-5 LPA
  • Research Associate: INR 2.5-3.5 LPA
BSc Biotechnology Government Sector Salary
  • Agricultural Officer: INR 3.5-5 LPA
  • Scientific Officer: INR 3-5 LPA
  • JRF: INR 4-5 LPA
  • Biostatisticians: INR 3-5 LPA
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BSc Biotechnology Job Opportunities
  • Drug/Pharmaceutical Research
  • Educational Institutes
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Fertilizers Manufacturers