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CMC Vellore MBBS Fees

Aspiring to enroll in CMC Vellore? MBBS is one of their flagship courses. Are you worried about the fee? No worries! This institute aims to offer affordable education. For details, check here CMC Vellore MBBS fees!
CMC Vellore Overview
CMC Vellore or Christian Medical College has pioneered imparting education across the medical field. NIRF has ranked it 3rd for its commitment to bringing best-in-class education.
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Fee Components in CMC Vellore
  1. Tuition fee
  2. One-time college fee
  3. One time payment
  4. Hostel fee
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Annual CMC Vellore Fee
The students interested in enrolling in the MBBS course at CMC Vellore need to pay an annual fee of INR 41,895.
CMC Vellore Tuition Fee
As per the fee structure adopted by the institute, the annual tuition fee for MBBS students is around INR 3000.
CMC Vellore Hostel Fee
  • Men: INR 10,000
  • Women: INR 4,000
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Other Fees at CMC Vellore
  • Admission fee: INR 8800
  • One-time university deposit: INR 13,425
  • Other annual fee:INR 15,105