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CUET Passing Marks

How much score qualifies for CUET? Lakhs of aspirants are anxiously pondering over this common question. To help students analyze their selection chances, we have provided details on CUET passing marks. Tap to check!
Section-wise Mark Distribution
  • Section 1A & IB: 200 marks each
  • Section II: 175/200
  • Section III: 250
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CUET Marking Scheme
As per the CUET UG paper pattern, 5 marks will be awarded for the correct responses while 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answers.
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What are CUET Pass Marks?
CUET UG has no fixed passing marks however a minimum of 300 to 400 scores can help students qualify the examination.
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CUET Sectional Pass Marks
  • Language paper: 80 to 90 marks
  • Domain subject: 120 marks
  • General section: above 120 marks
CUET UG Score Rating
  • 700 & above: Very good score
  • 500-650: Good score
  • 400-600: Average score
  • 200-400: Low score

Factors Affecting CUET Pass Marks
  • CUET difficulty level
  • Performance of test takers
  • Course type
  • Reservation criteria