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CUET Passing Marks 2024 Category-wise

Wondering how many marks can help you qualify CUET? The minimum marks to clear for CUET UG will vary based on the student's category. If you are curious to check CUET passing marks 2024 category-wise, check here.
CUET Passing Marks Overview
As per the guidelines set by NTA, CUET pass marks is the minimum score a candidate must obtain to move ahead in the next step i.e counselling.
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Types of CUET Pass Marks
  1. Category-wise CUET passing marks
  2. Subject-wise passing marks
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Category-wise CUET Pass Marks
As per the CUET passing marks trend, the overall marks to qualify CUET can range between 300 to 400. For general and OBC candidates the passing marks can hover between 400 and 450.
Section-wise Passing Marks in CUET
  • Section 1A & B: 160-180 marks
  • Section II: above 120 marks
  • Section III: above 120 marks
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Tips to Score CUET Passing Marks
  • Cover the syllabus
  • Focus more on high-weightage topics
  • Attempt mock test
  • Avoid guess works when attempting questions