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Difficulty level of JEE Mains 4th April Session 2 Shift 2

The JEE Main 4th April shift 2 is over now. Are you excited to catch up with the latest updates on the exam? We bring to you a detailed analysis of the difficulty level of JEE Mains 4th April session 2 shift 2.

As per the student's reaction, it can be concluded that JEE Main April 4th shift 2 was moderate in difficulty level but it was tougher than shift 1.

JEE Main April 4 Shift 2 Overall Analysis

On a close analysis of the question types of the JEE Mains 4th April session 2 shift 2, Math was lengthy and challenging compared to shift 1.


Difficulty level of Math in JEE Main Shift 2

In JEE Mains shift 2, Chemistry was pretty easy compared to the other two sections. Students could approximately attempt 20 questions.


JEE Main Shift 2 Chemistry Analysis

Based on students’ reactions and experts’ opinions, the Physics section in shift 2 of the April 4 session was moderate with few lengthy questions.

Review on JEE Mains Physics Shift 2

  • Physics: Moderate
  • Math: Moderate to Difficult
  • Chemistry: Easy to Moderate

Subject-wise JEE Main Shift 2 Difficulty Level

  • Physics: Modern Physics, Current Electricity, Electrostatics
  • Math: Calculus, Integers
  • Chemistry: Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry


Topics Asked From JEE Main PCM Subjects

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