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Expected Percentile for 50 Marks in JEE Main 2024 Session 2

Scored 50 marks in JEE Main and wondering how much percentile will it translate to? Tap to check the percentile for 50 marks in JEE Main along with the expected rank range here.
What is the NTA Normalization Formula?
NTA adopts a unique normalization formula to arrive at JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Rank 2024 and calculate the score.
Percentile for 50 Marks in JEE Main
The JEE Main percentile 2024 for the candidates who have scored 50 marks in the exam is expected to range between 69-69.8.
Rank for 50 Marks in JEE Main
The rank range for the candidates scoring 50 marks in JEE Main exam 2024 is expected to be between 3,63,000- 3,67,000.
JEE Main Qualifying Percentile Calculation
The qualifying percentile for JEE Main 2024 will be calculated to 7 decimal places to avoid ties between two candidates who appear in JEE Main 2024.
Is 50 Marks a Good Score for JEE Mains 2024?
Considering the tough competition level, it can be analyzed that by scoring 50 marks in the JEE Main exam, SC/ST candidates are likely to appear for NIT counseling, however, it is too difficult for other categories.
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