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Expected Percentile & Ranks for 60 Marks in JEE Main

Test takers appearing for JEE Mains session 2 might have already assumed their raw score. Is it around 60 marks? To analyse your chances at the colleges, check here the percentile for 60 marks in JEE Main.
JEE Main Marks & Percentile 2024: Difference
JEE Main percentile is the relative performance of candidates compared to other test takers that range from 100 to 0. Whereas, marks are scores obtained in PCM subjects.
Are 60 Marks in JEE Main Good?
Scoring 60 marks in JEE Main is an average mark for General candidates as they might find it tough to get a seat at NITs. While, for the reserved category, it's a good score.
Expected JEE Main Percentile for 60+ Marks
  • 60+ Marks: 82+ percentile
  • 62+ Marks: 82.5 percentile
  • 64+ Marks: 83+ percentile
  • 66+ Marks: 83.7 percentile
JEE Main Ranks for 60 Marks
  • 60 Marks: 3,07,000-3,12,000 rank
  • 62 Marks: 2,98,000-3,02,000 rank
  • 64 Marks: 2,88,000-2,93,000 rank
  • 66+ Marks: 2,80,000-2,84,000 rank
Method to Calculate JEE Main Percentile
The formula to derive JEE Main percentile from marks is; no. of test takers in a session with a raw score equal to or less than T1 score/total candidates appearing in a session.