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EXPOSED!! NEET-UG Question Paper Sold for Rs 32 Lakh

NEET Paper leak scam exposed! Patna police arrested 7 people accused in the shameful NEET paper leak incident. NEET UG question paper was sold for Rs 32 lakh. Catch up more on the news here!
Patna Police Arrested Accused in paper leak
In the NEET paper leak row incident, the masterminds have been exposed. Per reports, the accused charged 32 lakhs from 4 NEET candidates.
Shocking Confessions by Accused
A fresh twist came to the surface in the Patna paper leak case when the accused made shocking confessions of receiving NEET papers along with answer sheets a day before the exam.
Paper Leak Update
Masterminds in NEET Paper Leak
  • Nitish Kumar
  • Sikandar Prasad Yadavendu
  • Amit Anand
NEET Paper Leak Mastermind’s Plan
The alleged mastermind Yadavendu in the NEET paper leak scam provided questions to his nephew Anurag and introduced him to two persons who helped in preparing questions.
NEET RE-exam Dates
NEET Papers Sold for 32 Lakh
As per the confessions of the NEET candidate’s father, Yadavendu charged Rs 32 lakh for selling the NEET question papers a day before the exam.