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Grace Marks Cancelled for Students in NEET 2024

NEET UG controversy has currently made headlines with 67 students securing perfect 720 scores. Per updates, a new decision on grace mark cancellation in NEET brought a sigh of relief. Catch up with the news here!
Centre Cancels Grace Marks in NEET
Centre on Thursday i.e. June 13 asked the Supreme Court to cancel the grace marks of 1563 NEET test takers to ensure fairness in the exam.
Marking Scheme
What is NEET Grace Marks?
Grace marks were compensated scores given to students as some centres reportedly had delays in starting the exams. Around 60-70 grace marks were awarded to students.
Marking Scheme
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Grace Marks Impact on Result
Around 1563 NEET test takers will now be awarded scores by deducting the grace marks. In this regard, a re-test has been scheduled for 1563 students.
Petitions for NEET 2024
  • Petition 1 by Physics Wallah CEO against Grace marks
  • Petition 2 by SIO Members for action against paper leaks
  • Petition 3 by NEET Candidates to award grace marks
Latest Updates
NEET Re-exam Update
Per reports, students with deduction of grace marks will be given a second chance to take a re-test. The exam will be held on June 23.