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Highest Paid Jobs in India in Engineering Field

Engineering is an expansive and popular field of study that offers lucrative jobs. If you have completed a BE or BTech degree, our list of highest-paid jobs in India in the Engineering field can be your helpful guide. Tap to explore!
Data Engineer
Data management has gained relevance across the industry. Data Engineers maintain and analyse data and their salary ranges from 3.5 to 21 LPA.
AI & ML Engineer
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning engineers have a huge scope across sectors like healthcare, finance, and others. They earn up to 30 LPA.
Aerospace Engineer
This field centres around the designing and developing of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace Engineers are handsomely paid around INR 1.4 to 25 LPA.
Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Engineers are responsible for extracting gas or oil resources. It is a lucrative and demanding field in PSUs with a salary up to INR 23.6 LPA.
Electrical Engineer (Renewable energy)
As the concern for safeguarding renewable energy grows, Electrical Engineers are also in demand. These engineers can earn up to INR 8.3 LPA.