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How Many Seats in IIT for BTech?

IITs are the most coveted choice of engineering students for their academic excellence and opportunistic placements. Being premier institutes, grabbing a seat often poses challenges. Want to check how many seats in IIT for BTech? Tap here!
About IITs
IITs or the Indian Institute of Technology are an esteemed group of colleges owned by the government. Currently, India houses 23 top-rated IITs.
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Authority Releasing IIT Seat Matrix
The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) is the supreme authority releasing total seat matrix based on category, and engineering branches for different IITs.
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Total IIT Seats for BTech
As per the latest data shared by the seat allocation authority, presently 17,385 seats are available across 23 IITs for the BTech program.
IIT Seat Updates (2023-24)
IIT seats vary each year and per an analysis of the seat matrix of last year and 2024, a marked increase in the seat has been observed. Last year 16,598 BTech seats were available.
Seat Matrix for Top IITs 2024
  • IIT Kharagpur: 1869
  • IIT BHU: 1589
  • IIT Roorkee: 1353
  • IIT Dhanbad: 1125
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Data on IIT-wise BTech Seats
  • IIT Bombay: 1204
  • IIT Delhi: 1152
  • IIT Madras: 1054
  • IIT Guwahati: 845