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How to Become a Data Scientist - Fees, Placements & Salary

Data Science has become a prominent field of study for its high demand in various industries. Wondering how to become a data scientist? Keep swiping to get details on fees, placement, and salary of data scientist courses.
About Data Science Courses
Data Science courses are available at diploma or postgraduation levels. It focuses on the study of an expansive range of data to predict future outcomes.
Data Science Course
Types of Data Science Courses
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • BSc/ BTech in Data Scinece
  • MSc/ MTech in Data Science
Data Science Courses
Data Science Course Fees
The average Data Science course fee ranges between 70,000 to 2 lakhs it varies based on the college and course level (UG, PG, or Diploma).
Steps to Become a Data Scientist
  1. Choose a course based on your interest
  2. Check the eligibility criteria
  3. Choose an institute
  4. Apply for data scientist roles
Data Scientist Placements
With the growing need for managing huge data, the demand for data scientists has risen. Companies like BlackRock and JP Morgan offer the best placements.
Data Scientist Salary
The Data Scientist's salary varies based on an organization, location, and experience level. Generally, these personnel earn up to INR 13 to 28 lakhs per annum.
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