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How to Become a Pilot after Graduation?

In India, pilots can work in diverse fields, such as commercial aviation and the air force. If you have completed graduation and aim to become a pilot, tap here to know how to become a pilot after graduation to achieve success.
Acquire a University Education
Specializing in physics, aerospace engineering, or computing in college may build an educational foundation for pilots.
Increase the Flying Hours
As per the guidelines, a pilot in training must log a minimum of 250 hours of flight experience before earning a pilot license.
Get A Pilot License
Based on your experience, age, and flying hours, you may apply for a student pilot license (SPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), or private pilot license (PPL).
Clear the Pilot Exams
Both civil aviation and Air Force pilots have to clear written examinations and flying tests to earn their pilot licenses.
Get your Medical Examination
As a part of the pilot’s onboarding process, the candidate must complete a medical fitness test to ensure your health does not interfere while operating the aircraft.
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