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How to Pass NEET 2024 Exam with Good Score?

As India’s top national-level medical exam NEET is around the corner, aspirants might be anxiously stuck on a common question i.e. “How to pass NEET 2024 exam”? No worries, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips!
Set Realistic & Attainable Goals
NEET UG preparation requires students to set realistic and attainable goals. Based on them, one must further create a well-thought-out study plan.
Preparation Tips
Check your Eligibility for NEET

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Familiarise with NEET Exam Pattern
To crack a challenging exam like NEET, it is vital to gain a thorough understanding of the paper pattern including question types, marking schemes, and important topics.
List of colleges accepting NEET

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Gain Clarity on Fundamental Concepts
NEET test takers should gain a clear understanding of the basics. They can take guidance from their teachers, mentors, or online resources.
Not yet prepared? Download previous year question papers here

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Choose the Right Study Materials
In the quest to perform well, students often study from multiple sources. However, using the right study material is vital is key. NCERT books are best for NEET.
Check Best Books
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Practice NEET Sample Papers
NEET sample papers are the best resource to ace preparation. Solving sample questions helps in familiarising with the paper pattern and managing time well.
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Solve NEET Previous Year Questions
Aspirants aiming to crack NEET on the first attempt must solve as many previous years’ questions as possible to enhance speed and accuracy.
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Take Study Breaks
Performance pressure leads to stress and anxiety among NEET aspirants. So, we suggest taking study breaks to relax their mind and improve concentration.
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