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IIT Delhi Vs IIT Madras - Which is Best?

Engineering aspirants often come across a common crossroads concerning the choice of two top institutes namely IIT Madras and IIT Delhi. We have offered some insight here. Tap to discover which is best- IIT Delhi Vs IIT Madras?
IIT Delhi Vs IIT Madras: NIRF Rank
According to the NIRF ranking 2023, IIT Madras has been placed 1st while IIT Delhi holds the second place among top engineering colleges in India.
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IIT Delhi Academics
Declared as an Institute of National Importance, over 15738 Btech students graduated from IITD since its inception. A total of 131 courses across engineering, management, and others are offered.
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IIT Madras Course Overview
Compared to IIT Delhi, IIT Madras offers only 127 courses across varied disciplines. Around 81 seats are currently available.
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Placements at IIT Madras & IIT Delhi
Both institutes have proven track records in placements. Per 2023 stats, the highest package for IIT Madras closed at INR 1.31 CPA while IIT Delhi secured INR 2.5 CPA.
Fees in IIT Delhi Vs IIT Madras
In terms of Btech fees, IITD charges higher fees compared to IITM. The annual fee in 1st is INR 2.28 lakhs in IIT Delhi whereas IIT Madras charges INR 2.14 lakhs.
Which is Better: IIT Delhi or IIT Madras?
Based on parameters like ranking, academics, and placements both institutes meet expectations. However, students seeking research-based study from expert faculty must choose IITM.