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IIT Kanpur cutoff 2024

Is IIT Kanpur on your wishlist? Your concern might lie in finding the admission cutoffs. To secure a BTech seat, qualifying for the JEE Advanced rank is vital. Before it is released officially, explore IIT Kanpur cutoff 2024 trends.
IIT Kanpur Cutoff Details
Students aspiring to pursue BTech from the prestigious IIT Kanpur must clear the JEE Advanced qualifying cutoff and admission cutoff of IIT Kanpur.
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What Affects IIT Kanpur Cutoff?
  • JEE Advanced difficulty level
  • Seat availability at IIT Kanpur
  • Candidate‚Äôs category¬†
  • Ranks of top performers
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Expected CSE Cutoff for IIT Kanpur
Check Closing Ranks (CR)-
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 230-240
  • Female (CR): 610-620
IIT Kanpur Civil Engg Cutoff 2024
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 6115-6120
  • Female (CR): 12835-12840
Chemical Engg Cutoff for IIT Kanpur 2024
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 4345-4350
  • Female (CR): 8265-8270
EE cutoff for IIT Kanpur 2024
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 1345-1350
  • Female (CR): 3560-3565
ME Cutoff for IIT Kanpur 2024
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 2940-2945
  • Female (CR): 7225-7230
Aerospace Engg Cutoff for IIT Kanpur 2024
  • Gender-neutral (CR): 4025-4030
  • Female (CR): 8935-8940
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IIT Kanpur Cutoff Trends
  • CSE cutoff has risen by 22 ranks in 2023
  • ME cutoff has increased from 2823 in 2021 to 2940 in 2023
  • EE cutoff has risen from 1297 in 2021 to 1349 in 2023