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Importance of Knowing KCET Marks vs Rank 2024

KCET is the entry pass to top engineering colleges in Karnataka. As the results will be released around May 20, test takers would want to know the importance of deriving ranks from marks. Tap here to explore KCET marks vs rank 2024.
KCET Marks & Rank Overview
KCET marks refer to the raw scores students obtain in the three core subjects. Whereas, rank is given based on the highest and lowest scores.
What’s a Top Rank in KCET?
KCET marks vs rank change each year based on certain factors. Generally, a top rank in KCET for engineering ranges between 172  to 178.
Mark vs Rank
Check complete KCET marks vs rank analysis

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What Affects KCET Marks Vs Ranks?
  • Category of candidate
  • Normalization scores
  • Passing marks
  • Highest score in KCET
Here is the list of colleges accepting KCET

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Benefits of Analyzing KCET Marks Vs Ranks
  1. Enables in determining the performance level
  2. Helps in understanding the qualifying rank range
  3. Allows to derive ranks from probable marks
  4. Gives a probable idea about your admission chances
Explore KCET pattern
KCET Marks and Rank List (Previous Year)
  • 178 marks: 1
  • 176 marks: 2
  • 174 marks: 3
  • 174/173 marks: 4
  • 172 marks: 5
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