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Is 200 a good score in BITSAT?

Is your predicted BITSAT score coming to 200? Then you might be wondering if 200 is a good score in BITSAT or not. We can offer you with clarity. Tap here to get details on good scores in BITSAT.
What’s a Good BITSAT Score?
BITSAT is conducted in two sessions by BITS to shortlist candidates for BE programs. A score above 300 is considered a good score for the entrance exam.
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What Determines Minimum BITSAT Score?
  1. Difficulty level of BITSAT
  2. Number of applicants
  3. Seat availability at BITS campuses
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Is 200 a Good Score in BITSAT?
As per the marks vs rank analysis, 200 is not a good score in BITSAT. Admissions to competitive branches like CSE can be challenging.
BITSAT Score Range
  • 350+: Excellent score
  • 300+: Good score
  • 250+: Average score
  • Below 240: Low score
Branch-wise BITSAT Score
  • Computer scene: 370+
  • ECE and EE: 320-370
  • Civil, Chemical Engg, Electronics & Instrumentation: 270
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Tips to Score Good in BITSAT
  • Cover the syllabus
  • Get a conceptual understanding of topics
  • Practice mock tests
  • Choose the right study materials