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JEE Main Dress Code for Female Candidates

As numerous female candidates will be taking JEE Main from April 4 onwards, one needs to be aware about what to wear and what not to, to avoid any last minute hassle. Check here the JEE Main dress code for females.
Avoid Dresses with Multiple Pockets
The female candidates must not wear dresses with many pockets on the day of the exam as it may create delays during checking at the examination centre.
Do not Wear Jewelry or Ornaments
Candidates must not wear any kind of jewelry or watch or ornaments on the exam day as during the time of checking, they won’t be allowed to enter the exam hall.
Avoid Untidy Hairstyle and Accessories
The female candidates must keep their hair tied up properly and must not go to the exam centre with any hairpins, bands, or any other accessories.
List of Other Prohibited Items
Female candidates wearing goggles, rings, bracelets, or any such metallic item will also be barred from taking the examination.
Prefer Comfortable Footwear
The candidates must avoid wearing shoes with thick soles on the exam day. Instead, they should wear open footwear like sandals or slippers with low heels.
Dress as per the Weather
Candidates must wear light and comfortable clothes keeping in mind the season and weather on the day of the exam and must not wear stoles, scarves or dupatta.
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