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JEE Main Maths Important Questions based on last Year

JEE Mains April session 2024 is around the corner leaving aspirants anxious and tense. Math is often challenging for students so to assist aspirants, we have prepared JEE Main Math important questions based on 2023.
JEE Main Math Topics with Maximum Questions
  • 3-Dimensional Geometry
  • Vectors
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Dereinats & Matrices
  • Quadratic Equation
Important Math Question in JEE Main
  1. What’s the sum root of |x2-8x+15|-2x
  2. Sum of series[4/1!]+[11/2!]+[22/3!]+[37/4!]+[56/5!]+....is?
  3. If a,b,c are unit vectors then (a-b)2+(b-c)2+(c-a)2 does not exceed?
Benefits of Practicing Last Year JEE Questions
  • Helps in assessing math preparation levels
  • Enables generating ideas about the level of questions
  • Enhances paper-solving speed
How to Prepare from Last Year's Math Questions
  • Solve the high-weightage math questions first
  • Take help from resources in solving difficult questions
  • Clear the core mathematical concepts
JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips
  • Learn the mathematical formulas
  • Try boosting problem-solving skills through effective practice
  • Familiarize yourself with important concepts
Download JEE Main Question PDF
Acing JEE Main preparation requires students to practice last year's questions to get a fair idea. You can download Maths questions from NTA or Collegedekho’s website.
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