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JoSAA Medical Certificate 2024

Need the JoSAA Medical Certificate 2024? Ensure your spot in top engineering colleges with this essential document. Swipe to learn more about requirements, deadlines, and how to get it right. Don’t miss out on crucial details.
What is JoSAA Medical Certificate?
The JoSAA Medical certificate is an important document a student must carry on JoSAA counselling day. It contains the medical history of a candidate.
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Relevance of Medical Certificate
A JoSAA medical certificate is essential to be produced during the counselling round and document verification phase.
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Steps to Download JoSAA Medical Certificate
  • Visit the official website of JoSAA
  • Search for the certificate format on the homepage
  • Candidates will be redirected to a PDF page
  • Download the PDF


Details to Fill in JoSAA Medical Certificate
  • Candidate’s name and gender
  • Birthmark
  • Height and chest measurements
  • Vision without glasses
  • Functioning of the nervous and respiratory system
  • Functioning of heart & abdomen
  • Mention health issues(if any)
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Website Updating JoSAA Medical Certificate
The candidates aspiring to apply for the JoSAA counselling 2024 need to download the medical certificate format from the website-josaa.nic.in.