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KPC Medical College MBBS Fees

KPC Medical College is a renowned first state of art institute nestled in Kolkata. If this college is on your wishlist and you are clueless about the fee, we can help. Tap here to check the KPC Medical College MBBS fees.
About KPC Medical College
Established in 2006, this institute has been committed to offering best-in-class education in the medical field. For its academic excellence, IIRF has ranked 98.
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Highlights on KPC MBBS Fees
As per the fee structure adopted by KPC Medical College for the MBBS course, the charges will vary based on state and management quota.
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Fee Components in KPCMC
  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Caution deposit
  • Hostel fee
KPCMC MBBS State Quota Fee
  • Total course fee: INR 18 lakh
  • Semester fee(per annum): INR 2 lakh
  • admission fee: INR 50,000
KPCMC Management Quota Fees
  • Total course fee: INR 72 lakh
  • Semester fee(per annum): INR 8 lakh
  • admission fee: INR 50,000
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KPMC MBBS Hostel Fees
  • Lodging cost: INR 4500 per annum
  • Additional charges: INR 10,000