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NEET BDS Cutoff in Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Wondering about the NEET BDS Cutoff in Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu? Get the latest cutoff trends and secure your dental seat! Tap to check which colleges you can aim for.
NEET BDS Cutoff Details
NEET BDS cutoff in Tamil Nadu college will be released for 15% of AIQ seats and 85% of state quota seats. Cutoffs will vary based on reservation criteria.
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Factors Affecting NEET BDS Cutoff
  • Exam difficulty level
  • Total BDS seats in Tamil Nadu private colleges
  • Rank of top performers
  • Candidate’s category
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NEET Qualifying Cutoff in TN
Per past year trends, it can be assumed that NEET qualifying cutoff for general candidates can be around 720 to 164 while it can hover around 163 to 129 for others.
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Chettinad Dental College Cutoff
It is a reputed dental college imparting quality education. Per past trends, the BDS NEET cutoff can hover around 4230 to 7545.
Latest Cutoff Updates
Sri Ramakrishna Dental College
Nestled in Coimbatore, this is a highly recognised BDS college. The NEET cutoff for BDS can lie between 4523 to 6559.
Madha Dental College
To secure a seat at this prestigious medical college, aspirants need to secure a NEET rank ranging from 8818 to 8818.
RVS Dental College
RVS Dental College is another top-rated institute helping students ace skills in dental science. Its NEET BDS cutoff can range from 8338 to 9247.