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NEET PG Exam 2024 Dress Code

Wondering what to wear on NEET PG exam day? The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences has determined a fixed dress code for the test takers. Tap to get details on the NEET PG exam 2024 dress code.
NEET PG Exam Update
NBEMS is scheduled to conduct the NEET PG on June 23, 2024, across various exam centres. Admit cards were released on June 18.
What’s a NEET PG Dress Code?
NEET PG dress code refers to a prescribed type of clothing students must wear on exam day. Dress codes help in avoiding unfair practices.
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NEET PG Female Dress Code
  • Females should avoid full sleeve clothes
  • Only half-sleeved attire is allowed
  • Jewellery will be prohibited
NEET PG Male Dress Code
  • Male candidates need to wear plain shirts
  • Apparel with big buttons or zip pockets is not allowed
  • Shoes must be devoid of thick soles
Exceptions to NEET PG Dress Code
The exam conducting authority has made certain exceptions to the NEET PG dress code to avoid hurting religious sentiments. Burqas and kirpan or kanga are allowed.
Exam Day Instructions
Items Prohibited on NEET PG Exam
  • Calculators
  • Mobile phones
  • Stationery
  • Food items
  • Electronic items