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New CBSE Exam Pattern 2024-25: Key Changes

A big update by CBSE! The Central Board of Secondary Education has made amendments to the existing exam pattern for class 11 and 12. Find here key changes to the new CBSE exam pattern 2024-25.
CBSE New Exam Pattern
CBSE introduced key changes in the class 11 & 12 exam pattern that can enhance student’s capability to understand concepts through real-life scenarios.
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Key Changes in CBSE Pattern
  • Emphasis on MCQ type questions
  • Less focus on traditional answer-type questions
  • Increase in competency-based questions
CBSE 10 Pattern
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Weightage-wise Questions CBSE Pattern
  • 50% : Competency-based questions
  • 30%: Response type questions
  • 20%: MCQs
Relevance of CBSE New Pattern
  • It aims at empowering student’s analytical skills
  • The new pattern will assess students' abilities beyond rote memorization
Types of Questions Introduced by CBSE
  • Case-based questions
  • Source based questions
  • Problem-solving type questions
CBSE 12 Pattern
CBSE’s Ideology Behind New Pattern
As notified by CBSE, the board has released a new set of exam patterns to create an educational ecosystem that helps develop critical, and creative thinking in students.