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New Medical Colleges Approved by NMC 2024

A new list of medical colleges is out! Recently, NMC or National Medical Commission has granted approval to some new medical colleges across various states in India. Curious to learn more? Keep swiping for updates!
New Regulation of NMC
NMC made a major update concerning the establishment of medical colleges. Now, medical colleges will require written permission from MARB with only 50 seats and functional hospitals to operate.
Increase in MBBS Seats
With NMC approving new medical colleges, there has been a reported rise of 110 percent MBBS seats in the country.
Total Approvals by NMC
According to the latest report shared by some media sources, NMC has approved around 113 new medical colleges in India.
States With Highest NMC-Approved New Colleges
  • UP: 22
  • Maharashtra: 14
  • Rajasthan: 12
  • Telangana: 11
  • West Bengal: 8
States with Less Approved Colleges
  • Uttarakhand: 3
  • Odisha: 2
  • Gujarat: 2
  • Delhi:1
  • Haryana:1
Total Medical Colleges 2024
With NMC’s decision of approving 113 medical colleges, now the country has over 800 medical institute. Out of 800, 50 are govt undertaking while rest are private.