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NIT Meghalaya Expected JoSAA Cutoff 2024 for Round 2

Targeting NIT Meghalaya but clueless about its cutoff requirements? We can assist you. Tap to check the NIT Meghalaya expected JoSAA cutoff for round 2 for the open category to start planning ahead.
What are top BTech Branches in NIT Meghalaya?
NIT Meghalaya offers five specialisations in BTech. These include CSE, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, EEE, and ECE.
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NIT Meghalaya Cutoff Analysis
As per the previous year’s JOSAA cutoff in NIT Meghalaya, the last round rank closed at 25978. CSE and ECE were highly competitive branches in 2023.
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NIT Meghalaya CSE Cutoff 2024(HS)
  • Gender neutral: 47512-47512
  • Female: 88063-88063
NIT Meghalaya CSE Cutoff 2024(OS)
  • Gender neutral: 15411-18405
  • Female: 26199-26199
NIT Meghalaya ECE Cutoff 2024(HS)
  • Gender neutral: 11677-136487
  • Female: 220488-220488
NIT Meghalaya ECE Cutoff 2024(OS)
  • Gender neutral: 24086-25549
  • Female: 33994-33994
NIT Meghalaya EEE Cutoff 2024(HS)
  • Gender neutral: 137846-137846
  • Female: 237083-237083
NIT Meghalaya EEE Cutoff 2024(OS)
  • Gender neutral: 31401-36464
  • Female: 39959-39959
NIT Meghalaya ME Cutoff 2024(HS)
  • Gender neutral: 121311-121311
  • Female: 156357-156357
NIT Meghalaya ME Cutoff 2024(OS)
  • Gender neutral: 37638-39454
  • Female: 47519-47519
NIT Meghalaya CE Cutoff 2024(HS)
  • Gender neutral: 141761-141761
  • Female: 256702-256702
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NIT Meghalaya CE Cutoff 2024(OS)
  • Gender neutral: 45536-48402
  • Female: 55107-55555