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Ranks for 120 Marks in KCET

Are you expecting 120 marks in the KCET exam 2024 after analyzing the answer key? Tap to check ranks for 120 marks in KCET to understand your chances of getting admission to various colleges.
KCET Marks vs Rank Analysis
KCET marks vs rank analysis can help candidates know what rank they are likely to get as per their performance in the KCET exam 2024.
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KCET Expected Rank Benefits
Knowing the expected rank can help students estimate their admission probability to engineering colleges and specific courses.
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KCET Rank Predictor Parameters
  • Exam Difficulty Level
  • Candidate‚Äôs Category
  • Total no of candidates appearing for exam
Ranks for 120 Marks in KCET
The candidates who have scored 120 marks in the KCET exam 2024 will have a rank ranging between 351-360.
Marks vs Ranks
KCET Rank Validity
KCET rank is valid for a year in which the candidates have appeared for the exam to gain college admission.