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Supreme Court Decision on NEET 2024

The Supreme Court’s decision on the controversial NEET UG exam 2024 is awaited today! Paper leaks and unfair grace marks led to pleas from aspirants. Stay updated on the Supreme Court's NEET 2024 decision.
Supreme Court Hearing Schedule
As per the media sources, the Supreme Court will be hearing the pleas from NEET aspirants after 10:30 am today i.e. July 8, 2024.
Quick Updates
Updates on NEET Pleas
The apex court will listen to 38 petitions concerning NEET UG today. The Supreme Court is likely to decide on re-test and paper leak accusations.
Supreme Court Bench Highlights
The Supreme Court has formed a bench of top judges including CJ DY Chandarchud, Justice Pardiawala & Manoj Mishra to hear pleas concerning NEET controversies.
Supreme Court’s Verdict on Grace Marks
According to the Supreme Court’s decision on June 13 regarding awarding of grace marks to 1563 students, the option of re-test or deduction of grace marks was given.
What's Next?
NTA & Centre’s Opinion on NEET
The center and NTA have requested the Supreme Court to not scrap the NEET UG conducted on May 5 as it might jeopardize lakhs of honest candidates' academic year.