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These 7 Law Colleges are Banned from Admitting Students

Recently, the BCI has banned several law colleges from admitting students on the pretext of not meeting the educational requirements. To know further, tap to get details regarding these 7 Law colleges are banned from admitting students.
BCI Prohibition Details
The Bar Council of India (BCI) has prohibited seven law colleges from admitting students to law programs for the academic year 2024-2025 until further notice.
Why was the Decision Taken?
The BCI has banned 7 law colleges from admitting students due to non-compliance with educational standards.
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Issues About the Decision
  • Lack of qualified faculty
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Non-compliance with academic regulations
Law Colleges Banned for Admission
  • Shri Krishna College of Law, Baghpat, UP
  • HS Law College, Etah, Uttar Pradesh
  • Master Somnath Law College, Bharatpur
  • Sri Eshwar Reddy College of Law, Anjimedu
Banned Law Colleges List
  • Sri Shirdi Sai Law College, Andhra Pradesh
  • SS College of Law, Madanpur, UP
  • Teju Singh Memorial Law College, UP
Law College Admission Ban- Roadmap!
The BCI will re-evaluate these institutions and may lift the prohibition if they are found to be in full compliance with the required standards