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Top 6 BAMS Colleges in India

Discover the Top 6 BAMS Colleges in India! Find the best institutes for Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery with insights on rankings, facilities, and admission criteria. Swipe to learn more about your future in Ayurveda.
AAMCRI, Gandhinagar
Established in 2019, this co-ed constituent college offers NEET exam preparation with 1 degree and 1 course. Approved by CCIM, it boasts a faculty of 45 experts.
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AACRI, Mandi
This constituent college offers 1 degree and 1 course, staffed by 34 faculty members on a 1-acre campus.
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ADAMC, Belagavi
Established in 2002, this co-ed affiliated college offers NEET exams, 3 degrees, and 4 courses. Approved by CCIM, we have 268 students, 34 faculty, and a 10-acre campus.
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AAMC Hospital and Research Centre, Bengaluru
Accepted entrance exam is NEET for BAMS at AAMC Hospital and Research Centre. Facilities include laboratories, medical/hospital, boys' and girls' hostels, transport, and library.
AGM Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Jamkhandi
Established in 2020, this co-ed college offers NEET preparation with a dedicated faculty of 11 members.
Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Palakkad
Established in 2010, this CCIM-approved affiliated college offers NEET exams. With 345 co-ed students, 38 faculty, and a 40-acre campus, it provides quality education.
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AUAMC Aligarh
Established in 1993, this co-ed affiliated college offers NEET exams, approved by CCIM, and boasts a dedicated faculty of 77.
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