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Top Engineering Branches where a Higher CTC is Guaranteed!

Engineering is recession-proof. If you are a B.Tech aspirant planning to take the JEE, BITSAT, WBJEE, OJEE, KCET, MHT CET exams etc., here are some top B.Tech specialisations that you may want to fill during your college applications 2024.
Petroleum Engineering (PE)
Petroleum is a fast depleting natural resource and Petroleum Engg. deals with conservation & optimal usage of petroleum. Glassdoor averages PE’s to Rs. 59.3L annually.
AI/Machine Learning
AI/ML Developers are revolutionising the world by building intelligent machines that can learn and act independently. Acc to Ambition Box, an AI/ ML developer earns Rs. 15.5L on average
Electrical Engineering (Renewable Energy)
These guys design & implement systems harnessing solar, wind, and other renewable sources, driving the shift towards cleaner energy with a national avg CTC of Rs. 5L/year.
Data Engineering (DE)
This  is every company’s need today due to their ability to analyse a company’s data to cause major business impact. Data Engineer’s national average salary in 2024 as per Glassdoor is Rs. 12.8L/ year.
Chemical Engineering (CE)
Looking at the industrial revolution of today, CE is instrumental in impacting and influencing the production and use of chemicals, materials, energy. Glassdoor records an avg salary of Rs. 8L/year.
These graduates can become experts in IoT & leverage the latest technology to create practical applications for optimal consumer satisfaction. They earn an avg of Rs. 30.5L/ yearly
Other Perks
While these are base salaries, most engineers end up earning a lot more because they get cash bonuses and Esop options in most companies.
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