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Top IITs Average Salary Packages

Apart from academic excellence, IITs offer lucrative placement packages. Check top IITs average salary packages, and top recruiters, to understand the details about IIT placement 2023 (2024 Graduating Batch).
IIT Kharagpur
  • Avg. Package: INR 22.13 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 2.68 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: Apple, Airbus, Microsoft, Google
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IIT Bombay
  • Avg. Package: INR 60-80 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 1.68- 3.67 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: Samsung, Qualcomm, Honda Japan
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IIT Delhi
  • Avg. Package: INR 60-70 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 1.5 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: Microsoft, Texas Instrument, Goldman Sachs
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IIT Kanpur
  • Avg. Package: INR 45 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 1.9 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Microsoft
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IIT Guwahati
  • Avg. Package: INR 25.75 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 1.20 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: HPCL, Bajaj, Google, Microsoft
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IIT Roorkee
  • Avg. Package: INR 18-22 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 2.5 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: Microsoft, JP Morgan, Google
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IIT Madras
  • Avg. Package: INR 19 LPA
  • Highest Package: INR 1.31 CPA
  • Top Recruiters: TCS, EY, Amazon
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