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Total MBBS Seats in India 2024

MBBS being a highly demanding course is opted by lakhs of aspirants each year. With tough competition, candidates often wonder about total MBBS seats in India 2024. Explore the seat matrix at medical colleges to plan ahead accordingly.
Who Can Secure MBBS Seats?
Securing an MBBS seat at India's most prestigious medical colleges requires aspirants to qualify NEET cutoff. This entrance opens avenues for medical colleges.
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New Update on MBBS Seats
Looking at the increasing demand for MBBS courses, government has increased the number of medical colleges and MBBS seats. Seats have risen by 112% from 2014 to present.
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MBBS Seats Stats 2024
Currently, there are around 91,927 MBBS seats available at the govt and private medical colleges. Compared to private institutes, seats are pretty high in govt colleges.
Total Seats in MBBS Colleges
  • Government College seats: 86,492
  • Private College seats: 74,704
States with Highest MBBS Seats (govt)
  • Tamil Nadu: 5275
  • Maharashtra: 5125
  • UP: 4303
  • Rajasthan: 3925 
  • Karnataka: 3750
  • Andhra Pradesh: 3235
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States with Higher Private College Seats
  • Karnataka: 7995
  • Tamil Nadu: 6375
  • Maharashtra: 5720
  • UP: 5600
  • Telangana: 4600