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Total SC/ST Seats in IIT

Curious about the total SC/ST seats in IIT? Our detailed guide provides insights into seat allocation across top IITs. Tap to check the numbers and understand opportunities. Read on to know more about your chances at IIT!
Authority Releasing IIT Seats
The Joint Seat Allocation Authority or JoSAA will release the category-wise and branch-wise admission cutoff in the form of opening and closing ranks on the website.
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Steps to Check IIT Seats
  • Visit the JoSAA website
  • Go to the e-services tab on the homepage
  • Choose seat matrix from the drop-down option
  • Check the seats after it is released
Seat Update
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SC Seats Available in IITs
As updated by JoSAA, currently, there are around 2370 seats for SC candidates available at the 23 IITs in India.
Seat Matrix for ST at IITs
IITs reserve seats for candidates hailing from SC and ST categories. Per the seat matrix, around 1179 seats are reserved for ST candidates in IIts.
SC Seats in top IITs
  • IIT Madras: 162
  • IIT Delhi: 173
  • IIT Bombay: 193
  • IIT Kanpur: 172
  • IIT Kharagpur: 265
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Total ST Seats in IITs
  • IIT Madras: 81
  • IIT Delhi: 86
  • IIT Bombay: 96
  • IIT Kanpur: 87
  • IIT Kharagpur:  133