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TS EAMCET Passing Marks 2024

Wondering about TS EAMCET passing marks 2024? As the competition is pretty high, it is vital to gain insight into qualifying marks to set goals accordingly. Swipe to check the passing marks to clear TS EAMCET.
TS EAMCET Pass Marks Details
The TS EAMCET passing marks will determine a student's chances of moving ahead in the counselling process. It will vary based on the candidate’s category.
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TS EAMCET Marking Scheme
  • Mathematics: 80 marks
  • Chemistry: 40 marks
  • Physics: 40 marks
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What Impacts TS EAMCET Pass Marks?
  1. No. of applicants
  2. Seat matrix at colleges
  3. Candidate’s category
  4. Total candidates qualifying TS EAMCET
Passing marks in TS EAMCET
Per rules enforced by the exam conducting authority, the minimum passing mark in TS EAMCET for general students is 40 out of 160.
Passing percentage for TS EAMCET
Candidates hailing from the general category have to aim for a minimum of 25% to qualify for the counseling rounds. No minimum marks are determined for the reserved category.
Rank Analysis
TS EAMCET Marks & Ranks
  • 160-155 marks: 1-50 rank
  • 154-150: 51-200 rank
  • 149-140: 201-500 rank
  • 139-130: 501-1000
  • 129-120: 1001-2000