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What are Group A and Group B in VIT?

Have you wondered what are Group A and Group B in VIT? Tap to get an insight into two groups, subjects, fees, and relevant details to level up your information.
What are VIT Group A and B?
The VITEEE Exam is divided into Group A and Group B. Each group consists of a list of subjects, their specializations & fees.
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VITEEE Group A Courses & Specializations
  • BTech Bioengineering
  • BTech Biotechnology
  • BTech CE
  • BTech Civil Engineering
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VITEEE Group A Courses
  • BTech EEE
  • BTech Chemical Engineering
  • BTech Fashion Technology
  • BTech Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
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VITEEE Group B Courses & Specializations
  • BTech CSE
  • BTech ECE
  • BTech ME
  • BTech Aerospace Engineering
VITEEE Group B Courses
  • BTech Electronics & Computer Engineering
  • BTech Mechatronics & Automation¬†
  • BTech IT
  • BTech Electricals & CSE
VIT Group A Fees
  • Tuition Fee: INR 1,73,000 (per annum)
  • Caution Fees (one-time payment): INR 300
VIT Group B Fees
  • Tuition Fee: INR 1,95,000 (per annum)
  • Caution Fees (one-time payment): INR 300