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What Happened in the NEET-UG Question Paper Leak Case in Patna?

Every day, a new dimension is arising in the NEET Paper leak scam case. Do you know what happened in the NEET-UG question paper leak case in Patna? Know the relevant updates & twists & turns!
NEET Question Paper Leak Buzz!
Patna Police arrested seven people, including four candidates, concerning the leak of the NEET-UG question paper.
NEET Paper Leak Amount
As per the confession letter by the accused, it’s revealed that INR 32 lakhs were charged by a problem-solver gang to provide the leaked question papers.
NEET Re-exam Update
NEET Paper Leak Accused Arrested
The person arrested by Bihar police, Anurag Yadav, confessed that the question papers were provided a day before the May 5 exam.
No of Candidates Appearing for NEET
As per the statistics, about 24 lakh aspirants appeared for NEET on May 5 for admission to medical colleges.
Paper-Leak Gang Revealed!
Two accused, Nitish Kumar and Amit Anand, were part of a problem-solver gang that leaked question papers of prestigious exams such as NEET, BPSC, and UPSC.
Latest Updates
What's the NEET Grace Marks Controversy?
NEET result was tarnished by allegations of paper leak and awarding of grace marks to over 1,500 candidates.