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What is grace marks in NEET?

Allocating NEET grace marks has sparked heated controversy among the candidates. To have a check, tap to know what is grace marks in NEET and how it has led to unequal distribution of marks and all the chaos!
NEET Exam Grace Marks
In the NEET exam 2024, grace marks were given to candidates who experienced time loss during the examination.
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Why was NEET Grace Marks Given?
Grace Marks was allocated to ensure the disruptions did not unfairly impact the candidate’s NEET exam performance.
Marking Scheme
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NEET Grace Marks Regulations
The NTA used a formula devised by the Honorable Apex Court in its 2018 judgment to determine the loss of time faced by candidates and awarded grace marks accordingly.
NEET Grace Marks Inequality
This resulted in some candidates receiving scores of 718 or 719, which were higher than the maximum possible score of 720.
NEET Grace Marks Consequence
The NEET Grace mark reward is one of the contributing factors to having so many toppers this year. Even top medical institutes can’t accommodate AIR 1 rank holders.
NEET Grace Marks Controversy
The NEET grace marks controversy led to widespread concerns among students and parents, with many calling for a re-examination.