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What is QE Marks in KCET?

Curious about QE Marks in KCET? These Qualifying Exam marks play a crucial role in your final score and ranking. Discover how they impact your admission chances. Tap to check detailed insights and boost your understanding!
What is QE Marks in KCET?
QE marks, or "Qualifying Examination" marks, are vital for admission to Karnataka's undergraduate programs. They reflect your class 12 exam performance.
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QE Marks and Class 12 Subjects
12th subjects for QE Marks vary by KCET course:
  • Engg: Physics, Chemistry, Maths/CSE
  • Agri: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Botany/Zoology/Agriculture
  • Vet: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
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50% Weightage for QE Marks
QE Marks = 50% of your KCET score. Half comes from 12th exams and half from KCET. Ex:
  • Max KCET: 150
  • Max Class 12: 600
  • Final score = 50% KCET + 50% QE Marks
Impact of Class 12 Marks on KCET Ranks
  • Strong Class 12 marks boost KCET score.
  • Outshine peers with similar KCET but lower Class 12 marks.
  • Good QE Marks act as a safety net for poor KCET performance.
How are QE Marks used in KCET Ranking?
KCET Rank = (KCET Marks / Maximum Marks in KCET) * 50 + (QE Marks / Maximum Marks in QE) * 50
KCET Results 2024 Declared
KCET Results have been declared on June 1, 2024. Counselling is expected to start in the later part of June.
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