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Will IIT Seats increase in 2024?

Securing a seat in an IIT is every engineering aspirant’s dream. However, only a few can achieve this goal due to seat constraints. But did you know that there has been an addition of seats in IIT in 2024? Check out more details here!
Authority Allocating IIT Seats
India is home to 23 IITs which grant admission to BTech programs based on the ranks determined by JoSAA. Seat matrix is released at josaa.nic.in.
Seat Availability at IITs in 2024
As per the latest updates, there has been a significant increase in IIT seats in 2024. Currently, 17,385 seats are available for the BTech course.
Total IITs Seats Before 2024
Earlier, 16,598 seats were available at India's top 21 IITs. A notable addition of 787 seats has been highly appreciated by the students aiming for IITs.
Top IITs and Total Seats 2024
  • IIT Kharagpur: 1341
  • IIT BHU: 1090
  • IIT Roorkee: 970
  • IIT Bombay: 903
  • IIT Madras: 838
MTech Seats in Top IITs
  • IIT Delhi: 1452 (tentative)
  • IIT Kanpur: 831
  • IIT Roorkee: 818